Dmitriy Galkin

Expert in Python, OpenStack and wide range of what is named DevOps today. 10+ years of IT experience working in a well-known companies. Currently a DevOps Consultant across Germany.
Time zone: GMT +2


I have 10+ years of engineering IT experience working in a well-known companies in Germany and Russia.

I'm an expert in Python, Openstack and wide range of what is commonly named DevOps. Currently working as IT / DevOps Consultant in Berlin. Previously worked at SAP, EOS Group, STRATO AG, Univention GmbH, Mirantis Inc. and other companies.

Holding Openstack Foundation Administrator Certificate (COA) and being contributor to a number of open-source projects including: vagrant-libvirt, openstack, ucs, theforeman.

University education: outstanding Master of Science Degree and Bachelor of Engineering with Honors.

Can communicate in three languages: English, Russian and German.


I'm happy to support you in anything around DevOps and Python development, including (but not limited to):

  • DevOps practices and core concepts
  • Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack and all around automation and configuration
  • Virtualization, Public and Private Clouds: AWS, Digital Ocean, OpenStack
  • Docker Containers and their orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Security audit and automated security scanning for IT compliance
  • Load-Balancing, caching and High-Availability of provided Services
  • Infrastructure as a Code, Immutable infrastructure and its testing
  • Jenkins, pipelines, groovy and why they are so helpful
  • Python ecosystem, virtualenvs, pip, pypi, tox and python tooling
  • GIL, JIT, CPython, Cython, Jython - what this is all about
  • Tests, why you should always write them and how to debug Python code
  • Making Python code work faster and “what's under the hood?”
  • Pylint, pyflakes, pep8, pycharm and other stuff to write clean code
  • Contributing to open-source projects written in Python and why you should do it
  • Good and bad practices, how you should write code and how you should not

You can read more about me at LinkedIn and GitHub pages.

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    Vladimir Baskakov

    Reviews: 1

    I use python in day to a day job for 4 years and I can help with solving particular issues, discuss the pros and cons of this language, choose right libraries according to your needs

    • aws
    • docker
    • concurrency
    • mongodb
    • architecture
    • backend
    • python
    • microservices
    • cloud
    • ubuntu
    • code organization
    • scrum
    • rest api
    • agile
    • рефакторинг
    • algorithms
    • coroutines
    • best practices


    Reviews: 0

    Iwill teach you the basics of Python. We will start from scratch - covering the essential fundamentals and overall knowledge about how Python works internally!

    • aws
    • postgresql
    • docker
    • git
    • architecture
    • backend
    • python
    • rest api
    • flask

Core skills

  • theforeman
  • python
  • openstack
  • puppet
  • jenkins
  • bash
  • ruby
  • vagrant
  • docker
  • saltstack
  • ansible
  • haproxy
  • nginx
  • linux
  • libvirt
  • pacemaker
  • mysql
  • galera
  • kubernetes
  • cloud


  • Public Cloud

    Will support you all around Amazon Web Services - leading Public cloud provider. EC2, S3, ELB, RDS, CloudFormation, Redshift, Lambda and many other of 100+ AWS services.

  • Private Cloud

    Start own private cloud? - Sure! Will teach you OpenStack as one of the most advanced platforms for building clouds. Rackspace, Open Telekom Cloud, Telefonica and other using it already!

  • System Administration

    Linux is full of new terms for you? Will mentor you to make sure you know it all from the level of Syscalls to firewall configuration, user management and security in Linux.

  • Configuration Management Systems

    Will teach you one of the core DevOps concepts - automation and configuration management. Puppet, SaltStack, Ansible, Chef; Infrastructure as a Code; Immutable Infrastructure.

  • Programming in Python

    Will tech you Python and good practices. PEP, PyPi, Gil, PyLint, Cython, tox, virtualenv won't be foreign words for you any longer. Will also demonstrate how to contribute to Open-source.