Ivan Isaev

Young man with glasses smiling at the camera, seated in a busy food court with a blurred background. He's wearing a black jacket over a blue shirt, with a black bead bracelet on his wrist.
9 years of production experience in Go, Python, PHP. I worked in international companies: America, Thailand, Philippines. I'll help you to become a backend Jedi and master of microservices and skill up in DBs.


  • Backend developer in Philippines fintech;
  • Used to work at Aviasales;
  • Built a scalable service for emails - more than 50 mln. emails in a day;
  • Big experience in building high-load scalable services with modern technologies;
  • Big experience in being interviewed;

Core skills

  • go
  • python
  • docker
  • architecture
  • php
  • javascript
  • postgresql
  • mysql
  • mongodb
  • clickhouse
  • redis
  • elasticsearch
  • kafka
  • rabbitmq
  • kubernetes




Ivan is a professional in his field. I helped to understand the basics of a rather complicated language, guided my thoughts so that I myself could understand why this works in this way. If this was not enough, then he tried to explain the meaning to me in simple words. Thank you Ivan for your lessons!

Иван, является профессионалом своего дела. Помог разобраться в основах довольно сложного языка, направлял ход моих мыслей, что бы я сам мог понять почему это работает именно так. Если этого было мало, то он старался объяснить мне смысл простыми словами. Спасибо Иван за твои уроки!

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Ivan is a wonderful mentor. He showed weaknesses, set the right path :) Thank you, I will continue training with this mentor.

Иван прекрасный ментор. Показал слабые стороны, направил на путь истинный:) Спасибо, буду продолжать обучение с данным ментором.

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