Ilya Zaharov

A close-up selfie of a young person with short hair wearing a blue winter jacket with a fur-lined hood, standing outside a building.
A software engineer with experience in international companies and startups. Sees his mission in explaining and sharing sophisticated things in a simple way for people with different backgrounds.


I started my career in small but agile companies. In an early stage understood how valuable English language is and I am still learning it to achieve fluency. I’ve managed to figure out how to enter the international market myself, where I obtained few long term contracts.

Core skills

  • ruby
  • ruby on rails
  • rest api
  • linux
  • postgresql
  • best practices
  • software engineering
  • bash
  • elasticsearch
  • js
  • sql
  • git
  • web-development
  • slim
  • scss
  • nginx