Hou Chia

I'm a New York City-based full-stack engineer who's passionate about coding education and sharing my expertise to help others enter and succeed in technology careers. I specialize in the JavaScript stack.
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Greetings! My name is Hou and I'm a Princeton-educated software engineer. I'm currently working at an established healthcare startup (Zocdoc) based in New York City.

I possess deep expertise in developing consumer-facing websites in a professional production environment. I embrace using data to help make decisions. I love good, clean code. User experience and responsive/adaptive design are topics I care deeply about. My students typically find my love and passion for the front-end infectious.

I'm passionate about coding education and currently serve as a part-time web development instructor at Product School (www.productschool.com) and as a technical interview mentor for the Skilled platform (www.skilledinc.com), where I help coding bootcamp graduates succeed in their technical interviews. I recently also finished teaching a full-stack JavaScript development course at the New York Code and Design Academy.

I am well-versed in utilizing state-of-the-art JavaScript stack, including popular technologies such as React & Redux, AngularJS, Node/Express, Webpack 4, ES6, and TypeScript to build web-based applications and architect complex user interactions for desktop and mobile browsers. On the backend, I am proficient at creating client/server routes and server/API endpoints using Node.js/Express, and working with MySQL/PostgreSQL. Additionally, I'm familiar with Ruby on Rails.

My professional experience includes full-stack development for startups in the healthcare, beauty, and e-commerce industries in Silicon Valley/New York.

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Core skills

  • javascript
  • es6
  • typescript
  • react.js
  • angular.js
  • node.js
  • html
  • css
  • webpack
  • ruby on rails
  • redux


  • Programming in JavaScript

    I'll help you master JavaScript's basic constructs (e.g., control flow, loops, functions) and advanced concepts such as scopes, closures, context, prototypal inheritance.

  • Web-applications on Node.js

    We will look at how we can leverage Node.js to create fantastic JavaScript apps outside of the browser. We will learn about asynchronous code in Node.js.

  • Responsive web-design

    I will teach you responsive design techniques like relative sizing units and media queries. Let's make your app look great on any browser and device using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!

  • Single-page Applications development

    We will learn about views, application services, stores, and domains. You will learn how to utilize React/Angular to create fast and performant single page apps!

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Lifetime access to the mkdev club where you can find help, advice from professionals and job offers.

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