Kenneth Nwafor

A developer with a good experience in developing production-ready APIs and a strong inclination towards Data Science. Together we will explore the 'how', the 'which' and the 'why' of scalable software development process
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  • I studied Computer Science with a Data Science profile in Innopolis university, a new IT university in Kazan, Russia
  • While studying, I worked on several interesting practical projects spanning from IR systems to DB engines.
  • After studies, I worked in the Cloud Systems Lab in the university specialized in building large-scale cloud services for state agencies and big companies.
  • In one of the projects, I took part in provisioning infrastructure and building such systems as a home-grown distributed object storage system based on Ceph, ESB systems, GIS servers and some other services based on popular open source projects.

  • After that I worked as a backend developer in Floship, an international logistics company. My work entailed developing web APIs and modelling of processes needed to automate the company's business in the supply chain.

  • Moving on, I decided to further my studies and got admitted into the Master of Computing in Artificial Intelligence program of the National University of Singapore (NUS), the best university in Asia and constantly ranked top 10 in the world. This masters program is built to prepare top-notch Data Science professionals for industry and academia.

  • Right from the beginning of my masters program, I have worked as a researcher under Nobel Laureate in Physics Sir Konstantin Novoselov in his lab in Singapore. Here I do data analysis and development of software for research in the fields of Physics and Material Science.

You can find out more about me on my personal site or LinkedIn

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Core skills

  • python
  • django
  • rest-api
  • celery
  • django-rest
  • web api
  • architecture
  • machine learning
  • data science


  • Programming in Python

    I use Python in different areas - from simple automation to web development and data analysis. We can start from scratch or study a separate part in detail depending on your needs

  • Web-applications on Django

    To build high-quality and scalable web services, you don't just need to know a framework but also good architectural approaches. I will show you these approaches using Django and DRF.

  • Machine Learning

    I will help you learn the basics of data analysis and machine learning and deep learning, as well as aid you to become an industry-level expert in these fields.

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