Mihail Borodin

A man with a short beard and mustache, wearing a blue shirt with small patterns, is looking to the side with a slight smile, with an out-of-focus background suggesting an indoor setting.
I use Python for a long time in my work. I can teach you to use this gorgeous language for web development, for data parsing and for other stuff (you name it). Also, we will solve tasks from real cases from your practice
Time zone: GMT -3


I am a programmer with more than 8 years of experience in web and app development. Currently I am working as CTO in large IT company. We are creating a platform for investment advising.

I have started my career as a Python programmer, then I get aquianted with Django and tried other Python frameworks. Had a chance to participate in creating of geographic information systems and web applications. One of the creators of the geoanalytics publishing and geodata analysis platform (architect and lead developer).

Core skills

  • python
  • django
  • javascript
  • go
  • vue.js
  • architecture
  • web-development
  • aws
  • microservices
  • базы данных


  • Programming in Python

    From syntax and basic constructs to object-oriented programming. We will touch on functional programming and study popular libraries for data analysis.

  • Web-applications on Django

    Web application development from databases to layout. I will teach you how to create high-quality and functional web sites and applications without wasting your time.



I studied with Mikhail for three months, during this time it turned out to create two large pet projects from scratch: 1. A news site in Django, including an extended admin panel, parsing MVC in a framework, using REST, developing middleware, using ORM subtleties, etc. 2. Bot for Telegram in pure Python, using the API of the Moscow Exchange, which helps novice investors get up-to-date information on the exchange directly from the bot. In addition, he mastered the basics of OOP and functional programming and the intricacies of using Python on the Web. In addition to development skills, I learned the basics of working in a team using git and pumped myself into SQL, the knowledge of which a modern Backend developer can hardly do without :) Advice to those who decide to learn from Mikhail - do not be lazy and absorb like a sponge the valuable knowledge that he will give to you. I myself, I must admit, was a little lazy when studying, which is why sometimes progress was stalled. Now I understand that with due diligence I could get a similar result faster :) In general, I am satisfied with the result - I can recommend it! =)

Обучался с Михаилом три месяца, за это время с полного нуля вышло создать два крупных пет проекта: 1. Новостной сайт на Django, включая расширенную админку, разбор MVC в фреймворке, использование REST, разработку middleware, тонкости использование ORM и т.д. 2. Бота для Telegram на чистом Python, использующего API Московской биржи, который помогает начинающим инвесторам прямо из бота получать актуальную информацию по бирже. Кроме того, освоил основы ООП и функционального программирования и тонкости использования Python в Web. Помимо навыков разработки научился основам работы в команде с использованием git и прокачался в SQL, без знаний которого вряд ли может обойтись современный Backend разработчик :) Совет тем, кто решит учиться у Михаила - не ленитесь и впитывайте как губка те ценные знания, что он даст вам. Сам я, признаться, немного ленился при учёбе, из-за чего иногда прогресс стопорился. Сейчас понимаю, что при должном усердии мог бы получить схожий результат быстрей :) В целом, результатом доволен - могу рекомендовать! =)

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