Prasanna Venkataraman

I am passionate full-stack developer for 10 years now and got great interest in Devops. I have built many production grade systems and can guide you in design principles and the strategies to be followed.
Time zone: GMT +5


Hello! I am a Developer | Architect | Devops. I have worked with some well known brands like Thoughtworks, Oracle in the past. Currently, I am working in my friend’s startup focussing more on Design & Devops activities. I love being productive (big fan of Vim) and can give you lot of tips on how to be productive. I am more passionate about Kubernetes, Docker and its eco system. Eager to share my enthusiasm with you.

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    Ivan Shamatov

    Reviews: 16

    Starting from scratch? Rails is so awesome, that you even don't have to know how it works underneath to start developing great projects. Less magic will lead to more knowledge. Lets start!

    • ruby
    • elasticsearch
    • postgresql
    • ci
    • ruby on rails
    • git
    • vue.js
    • jruby
    • concurrency
    • mongodb
    • trailblazer
    • gems
    • payments
    • architecture
    • prototyping


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    I will cover the fundamentals of Docker containers - what they are, how to work with them, how they work internally, and how to deploy them to production.

    • aws
    • postgresql
    • docker
    • git
    • architecture
    • backend
    • python
    • rest api
    • flask

Core skills

  • go
  • ruby on rails
  • kubernetes
  • docker
  • aws


  • Containers in Production

    Run containers using various strategies either locally / on cloud. Learn best practices and things to watch out for when containerising your application.

  • Public Cloud

    I am AWS Certified Solutions Architect and can help you in choosing the right kind of services and how to maintain your infrastructure as a code.

  • Web-applications on Ruby on Rails

    I can guide you in building a Ruby on Rails application from scratch to deploying it in an environment. I can make you feel the breeziness of Ruby on Rails.

  • Configuration Management Systems

    I have good hands-on experience in using Ansible, Chef in production systems. I can guide you in leveraging the available open-source modules (ansible playbook / chef cookbooks).