Anvar Tuykin

A portrait of a young man in a black suit resting his chin on his hand, wearing a wristwatch, and looking confidently at the camera against a grey background.
I'm fan of conscious programming. Patterns, OOP and languages become a powerful tool in your hand when you understand what problem each of them solves. I will share remote work and personal efficiency lifehacks with you


Hi! I'm programmer, teacher and entrepreneur.

I'm professional Ruby on Rails developer since 2011. I'm working remotely as backend engineer at Toptal.

I'm passionate with teaching. I'm training "Algorithms and Data Structures", "Databases", "Programming 101" and "Project Management" courses in university since 2012.

I've been working with startups - I was CTO in FinTech project and was leading outsourcing company. For now I supervise some projects and teams. Therefore I can talk about startups, personal and team efficiency a lot! :)

Core skills

  • ruby
  • ruby on rails
  • rspec
  • backend
  • postgresql
  • git
  • oop
  • code quality
  • leadership
  • startups
  • remote
  • api
  • refactoring


  • Web-applications on Ruby on Rails

    I use RoR since 2011. And ready to share my experience with you. We will learn how to - prototype projects - properly write tests - find code smells and refactor using best practices

  • Programming in Ruby

    You know RoR, but uncomfortable with Ruby? Want to develop your "bicycle" with metaprogramming and TDD to learn the best architectural and development practices? Come and see how to do it!