3. Knowledge & Experience

Talented young minds believe that their unique knowledge of modern technology and the ability to learn and apply it quickly is all that is needed for a successful career.

Industry old-timers with years of experience look down on these young people and consider their accumulated experience to be the greatest professional asset.

However, developers who survive and achieve maximum success in the industry are those who are constantly ready to learn and try new things, but at the same time who are aware that the more projects, companies, people and situations they encounter, the deeper, better and faster they work on any new challenge.

Mentors opinion

Development is a bit like physical training. Working on your fitness, you need to work out, increasing your workload step by step. Developers write home projects for a reason, the development industry evolves and never stops.

To continually grow, a developer needs to constantly write projects and surround themselves with a team that will help them develop and learn new things, overlaying new knowledge with experience. After all, not only new knowledge, but also sharpening of existing skills allows you to get the best result.

I believe that one must first choose a specialty as narrow as possible and become the best in it in a city, a region or even a country! And only then build up the rest of their knowledge.

This is called the T-shape of knowledge and skills, where the base of the letter "T" means deep knowledge and skills in one or two narrow areas, and the crossbar is the the diversity of skills and the ability to communicate with specialists from other areas.

Such specialists are the most valuable and the hardest to replace.