DevOps Accents #17: CO2, Lambda and Hurdles of Being an Entrepreneur

In this episode of DevOps Accents, Pablo and Kirill talk about the Environmental Impact of Cloud Computing and CO2 Emissions.

  • How does cloud computing contribute to global CO2 emissions?
  • What's the real impact of data centers on the environment, and is it growing?
  • Are cloud providers' CO2 reports trustworthy, or just a "box-ticking" exercise?
  • How do personal choices like flying vs. taking the train relate to cloud emissions?
  • Can Harry Potter's flying train solve our travel emissions problem? (Just kidding!)
  • What can companies and individuals do to reduce their carbon footprint in the cloud?
  • Is guilt over environmental choices misplaced, and who's really responsible?

You can listen to episode 17 of DevOps Accents on Spotify, or right now:

Podcast editing: Mila Jones,

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