DevOps Accents #19: Data Science and DevOps with Paul Larsen

We have a guest on the podcast!

And not just any guest, but Paul Larsen, a data scientist and AI expert! We were finally able to talk to someone who actually has knowledge on the subject and you definitely don't want to miss what he told us. Did we want to change careers after talking to him? We won't deny nothing :)

Among other things we discussed:

  • The Intersection of MLOps and DevOps;
  • MLOps: what's that about?;
  • How are the Models updated and if it's comparable to updating Software?;
  • LLM excitement and what role can LLMs play in the DevOps landscape?;
  • Productivity factors in medium and big data;
  • Small enterprise vs. a large project: what are the differences?
  • Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Show Notes:

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Podcast editing: Mila Jones,

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