DevOps Accents #2: Why Companies Move to the Cloud, Why They Leave It and Everything in Between

In this episode of the DevOps Accents, Leo, Pablo and Kirill are going to talk about what the cloud is all about:

  • Why do companies move to the cloud and do they leave the cloud;
  • The many options between running your own DC and using one of the main cloud providers;
  • The choice between using the cloud right, or avoiding the vendor lock-in and paying enormous bills;
  • And many other related topics!

Apologies for the sound quality: Pablo and Kirill had to record outside due to travelling, not too far away from the construction works, plus Kirill didn't manage to properly set up his microphone. Thanks to our editor Mila Jones for making a miracle and editing the sound in a way that it's still possible to enjoy it!

You can listen to episode 2 of DevOps Accents on Spotify, or right now:

Podcast editing: Mila Jones,

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