DevOps Accents #23: Startup the Brazilian Way with Marcello De Polli from BetterDoc

In this episode of DevOps Accents, Pablo, Leo and Kirill talk to Marcello De Polli, a staff engineer at BetterDoc.

  • Marcello's journey from Brazil to Europe;
  • South America vs. Europe: How crime environment affects startups;
  • Local services and startups in Brazil;
  • You Should Think Global;
  • Cultural differences and application marketing;
  • Starting new companies with your own money;
  • Entrepreneurship vs. Working for a company;
  • Life/Work balance in Europe.

You can listen to episode 23 of DevOps Accents on Spotify, or right now:

  • Our guest, Marcello De Polli, a staff engineer at BetterDoc;
  • BetterDoc;
  • Brex, a large international financial company originated in Brazil, founded in 2017;
  • Livedub, one of the first startups Marcello co-founded, an app for the bands for remote practice and rehearsal;
  • Skore, now acquired by UOL EdTech, a digital learning platform co-founded by Marcello:

Podcast editing: Mila Jones,

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