devopsdays Amsterdam 2023: The Aftermath |🎙️#14

Promotional graphic for "DEVOPS ACCENTS EPISODE 14," featuring a vintage microphone and laptop with text about DevOpsDays Amsterdam 2023 and a call to action to "LISTEN NOW!" Promotional graphic for "DEVOPS ACCENTS EPISODE 14," featuring a vintage microphone and laptop with text about DevOpsDays Amsterdam 2023 and a call to action to "LISTEN NOW!"

In this episode of DevOps Accents, Pablo, Leo and Kirill discuss the latest conference we've sponsored and the conference experience in general.

  • devopsdays Amsterdam 2023: conference impressions;
  • Stamp collecting! (it's relevant, we promise);
  • Porto vs. Amsterdam: the food, the space, the Beer Unlimited;
  • Who visits the conferences anyway?
  • The business side vs. the community;
  • Why bigger companies choose to attend?
  • GitHub vs. GitLab.

You can listen to episode 14 of DevOps Accents on Spotify, or right now:

In a lively discussion on the recent DevOpsDays conference in Amsterdam, co-founders of mkdev, a DevOps and Cloud native consulting service provider, shared their insights and experiences. This gathering was notable for its increased activity in the role of sponsorship compared to previous conferences, highlighting a dynamic shift in participation and engagement.

A Unique Conference Experience

DevOpsDays in Amsterdam stood out for several reasons. The atmosphere was described as "super cool," with attendees actively participating in sessions, evident from the laughter and applause in conference rooms. The event's structure fostered an environment where people were eager to learn and connect, making it a fantastic opportunity for both individuals and companies to engage with the community.

Engaging Activities and Networking

One of the highlights of the conference was the innovative approach to networking and engagement. The introduction of a "sponsor passport" encouraged attendees to visit sponsor booths, fostering interactions that might not have occurred otherwise. This, along with a variety of activities ranging from karaoke to bingo and a well-received party, contributed to a lively and interactive event atmosphere, despite the challenges posed by the weather.

Sponsorship and Community Engagement

The conversation also touched on the importance of sponsorship in creating visibility and building relationships within the DevOps community. By actively participating as sponsors, companies not only support the event but also get a chance to showcase their services and connect with potential clients or partners in a meaningful way.

The Role of Repeat Attendance

An interesting aspect discussed was the significance of repeat attendance. Many attendees return to conferences like DevOps Days year after year, indicating a strong sense of community and belonging. This loyalty and the desire to be part of a collective experience underscore the value of such events in fostering a sense of identity and camaraderie among DevOps professionals.


DevOpsDays in Amsterdam exemplifies how conferences can serve as a crucial platform for learning, networking, and community building. Through innovative engagement strategies and a focus on fostering a welcoming atmosphere, the event succeeded in bringing together a diverse group of professionals united by their passion for DevOps and cloud technologies. As the industry continues to evolve, such gatherings will remain vital in shaping the future of DevOps and cloud native practices.

Podcast editing: Mila Jones,

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