devopsdays London 2023, and GCP vs. AWS |🎙️#21

Promotional graphic for "DevOps Accents Episode 21," featuring topics like "DevOpsDays London 2023" and "GCP vs. AWS," with an illustrated microphone and laptop, and a call-to-action "Listen Now!" Promotional graphic for "DevOps Accents Episode 21," featuring topics like "DevOpsDays London 2023" and "GCP vs. AWS," with an illustrated microphone and laptop, and a call-to-action "Listen Now!"

In this episode of DevOps Accents, Pablo, Leo and Kirill discuss our recent conference experience in London and slightly pit GCP and AWS against each other.

  • "Google Cloud Run & Databases" Webinar;
  • Is there something like AWS Proxy in GCP?
  • What do GCP and AWS do better than the other?
  • AWS vs. GCP: permissions and organisation;
  • The city of London vs. other great cities of Earth;
  • devopsdays London vs. Munich and Amsterdam;
  • How Hard is it for technical specialists to give public talks?
  • What's up with open space talks?
  • IT stereotypes.

You can listen to episode 21 of DevOps Accents on Spotify, or right now:

In a recent deep dive into cloud technology, mkdev co-founders Leo and Pablo shared their latest insights on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), emphasizing the power of cloud-native technologies to transform business operations. Their discussion, rooted in the practical application of GCP tools like Cloud Run and Cloud SQL, highlights the innovative approaches and challenges in leveraging cloud services for improved efficiency and security.

Simplifying Cloud Complexity

Pablo's introduction to the new webinar on Google Cloud Platform sheds light on the goal to demystify cloud services for developers and IT professionals. He explains how Cloud Run, a key component of GCP, simplifies container management and deployment, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to streamline their cloud operations. The webinar aims to navigate the intricacies of connecting Cloud Run with Cloud SQL databases, addressing both the use of public and private IPs for enhanced security and efficiency.

Cloud Connectivity and Security

The detailed discussion on cloud services connectivity and the emphasis on security practices underscore the importance of understanding the underlying network configurations of cloud platforms. Pablo elaborates on the challenges and solutions related to connecting Cloud Run services with Cloud SQL databases, highlighting the significance of choosing between public and private IPs based on security needs and operational complexity.

Comparing Cloud Giants: GCP and AWS

The conversation also touches upon the competitive landscape of cloud services, with Kirill bringing insights into how Amazon Web Services (AWS) compares with Google Cloud Platform. The discussion points out the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, noting that while AWS may excel in enterprise solutions and service duplication, GCP offers simplicity and innovation in cloud solutions. This comparison sheds light on the diverse strategies and product offerings of the two cloud giants, suggesting that the choice between them often depends on specific project requirements and preferences.

DevOpsDays London: A Reflection

The co-founders' experience at DevOpsDays London offers a candid look into the current trends and community dynamics in the DevOps space. From open space discussions on diverse IT topics to reflections on conference organization and networking opportunities, their observations reveal a shift towards a more inclusive and discussion-oriented community. The emphasis on non-technical aspects, such as diversity and team collaboration, alongside technical sessions, underscores the evolving nature of DevOps conferences as platforms for holistic professional growth.

Looking Forward: The Path to Cloud Mastery

As mkdev continues to explore and share knowledge on cloud technologies, their commitment to fostering understanding and skill development in the cloud domain is evident. The webinar on Google Cloud Platform, paired with insightful discussions and reflections on industry trends, positions MK Dev as a thought leader in cloud technology and DevOps practices.

For professionals navigating the complex landscape of cloud services, staying informed through resources like mkdev's webinar and engaging in community discussions at events like DevOpsDays can provide valuable perspectives and tools for effective cloud adoption and optimization.

Podcast editing: Mila Jones,

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