Software Configuration Management with David Sandilands from Puppet |🎙️#26

Promotional graphic for "DEVOPS ACCENTS Episode 26" featuring an illustrated portrait of a man with text about software configuration management with a call-to-action to "LISTEN NOW!" Promotional graphic for "DEVOPS ACCENTS Episode 26" featuring an illustrated portrait of a man with text about software configuration management with a call-to-action to "LISTEN NOW!"

In this episode of DevOps Accents, Pablo, Leo and Kirill talk to David Sandilands, Principal Solutions Architect at Puppet by Perforce.

  • What was the role of Puppet before and what is it now?
  • How many companies use Kubernetes?
  • The effect of inertia in technologies for bigger companies;
  • How much time does it take to scale up?
  • On prem vs. On cloud: cost effectiveness;
  • Will VMs ever go away?
  • Puppet and AI?
  • What do companies ask for when they ask for AI?

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This episode, featuring David Sanderland, a principal solution architect at Puppet by Perforce, delves into the evolution of DevOps environments, the nuances of Scottish accents, and the future of cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Additionally, it explores Puppet's role in modern and future tech landscapes, particularly in relation to AI's burgeoning influence.

The Evolution of DevOps: A Journey with Puppet

David Sanderland, with decades of experience, shares his journey from traditional DevOps environments to the forefront of automation and configuration management with Puppet. His story is a testament to the transformative power of DevOps practices, especially in traditional sectors like banking. Starting with manual setups and evolving to automated, self-serviced platforms, David's narrative highlights the industry's shift towards efficiency and scalability.

Deciphering Accents in DevOps: More Than Just Talk

The episode also delves into a lighter discussion on accents, specifically Scottish, and their perceptions within the DevOps community. David's personal insights provide a fascinating detour into the cultural aspects of the global tech community, illustrating how diversity enriches the industry beyond technical contributions.

Navigating the Clouds: The Future of Infrastructure

A significant portion of the discussion focuses on the ongoing debate between cloud-native and on-premise solutions. With companies like 37Signals moving back to on-premise solutions for cost efficiency, the conversation sheds light on the nuanced decision-making process behind choosing the right infrastructure. It's not a pendulum swing from one extreme to another but a balanced approach considering cost, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Puppet's Place in a Changing Tech Landscape

As the tech world braces for AI's growing influence, Puppet's role evolves. David discusses Puppet's ongoing efforts to integrate AI, enhancing its capabilities in data analysis and automation. This forward-looking perspective emphasizes the necessity for tools like Puppet to adapt, ensuring they remain relevant and valuable in an AI-dominated future.

Conclusion: The Constant Evolution of DevOps

This episode encapsulates the dynamic nature of the DevOps domain, from the evolution of automation tools like Puppet to the strategic decisions behind infrastructure management. It underscores the importance of adaptability, whether in embracing new technologies like AI or balancing the benefits of cloud and on-premise solutions. The discussion with David Sanderland not only provides insights into Puppet's trajectory but also reflects broader industry trends, highlighting the continuous journey of innovation in DevOps.

Show Notes:

Podcast editing: Mila Jones,

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