Startup the Brazilian Way with Marcello De Polli from BetterDoc |๐ŸŽ™๏ธ#23

Promotional graphic for "DevOps Accents Episode 23" featuring a stylized illustration of a bearded man, with text about a startup discussion with Marcello de Polli from BetterDoc and an invitation to listen now. Promotional graphic for "DevOps Accents Episode 23" featuring a stylized illustration of a bearded man, with text about a startup discussion with Marcello de Polli from BetterDoc and an invitation to listen now.

In this episode of DevOps Accents, Pablo, Leo and Kirill talk to Marcello De Polli, a staff engineer at BetterDoc.

  • Marcello's journey from Brazil to Europe;
  • South America vs. Europe: How crime environment affects startups;
  • Local services and startups in Brazil;
  • You Should Think Global;
  • Cultural differences and application marketing;
  • Starting new companies with your own money;
  • Entrepreneurship vs. Working for a company;
  • Life/Work balance in Europe.

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In a recent conversation with Marcello De Polli, a seasoned developer and staff engineer, insights into the contrasts and connections between the tech industries in Brazil and Germany were explored. Marcello's journey, from starting his career in Brazil to making a significant life change by moving to Germany, provides a unique perspective on the global tech landscape, cultural differences in the workplace, and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation across continents.

From Sao Paulo to Munich: A Career in Transition

Marcello De Polli's career began in the vibrant city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he immersed himself in the world of software development. Early on, he was drawn to international teams, cherishing the diversity and dynamism they brought to his work. His decision to move to Munich was spurred by a desire for a change of paceโ€”seeking the quiet and safety of a smaller city, alongside the professional opportunities it offered.

Entrepreneurship Across Borders: Challenges and Opportunities

Marcello's entrepreneurial ventures in Brazil, including a platform for publishers to manage their ebook catalogs and a mobile app for music bands to play together remotely, highlight the vibrant startup ecosystem in the country. Despite facing challenges such as internal conflicts and the daunting task of solving complex problems, these experiences were invaluable. They shed light on the support network available for startups in Brazil, from investors to mentors, and the unique market conditions that foster innovation.

Navigating the German Tech Landscape

Transitioning to the German tech industry, Marcello observed notable cultural differences in the workplace. He found the development culture in Germany to be more influenced by corporate norms, where the boundaries of one's job role are more rigidly defined, contrasting with the Brazilian approach that emphasizes teamwork and flexibility. This observation speaks volumes about the need for adaptability and understanding in the global tech industry.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those looking to venture into the startup world, Marcello emphasizes the importance of honing one's skills as a programmer before diving into entrepreneurship. The journey of building a startup is filled with highs and lows, and a solid technical foundation can make all the difference. His experiences serve as a reminder that while ideas are crucial, the ability to execute them effectively is what leads to success.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Global Tech Collaboration

Marcello's journey from Brazil to Germany is a testament to the global nature of the tech industry and the endless possibilities it holds. As the world becomes increasingly connected, the exchange of ideas and cultures in the tech space will undoubtedly lead to groundbreaking innovations. Entrepreneurs like Marcello are at the forefront of this movement, bridging continents and cultures through technology.

In conclusion, Marcello De Polli's experiences offer valuable lessons on the complexities of the global tech industry, the resilience needed to navigate cultural differences, and the unyielding spirit of entrepreneurship. As the tech world continues to evolve, stories like Marcelo's remind us of the power of diversity and the endless opportunities for growth and innovation that lie in the collaboration across borders.

Show Notes:

  • Our guest, Marcello De Polli, a staff engineer at BetterDoc;
  • BetterDoc;
  • Brex, a large international financial company originated in Brazil, founded in 2017;
  • Livedub, one of the first startups Marcello co-founded, an app for the bands for remote practice and rehearsal;
  • Skore, now acquired by UOL EdTech, a digital learning platform co-founded by Marcello:

Podcast editing: Mila Jones,

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