In-Depth Kubernetes Security Audit & Assessment

In the sprawling universe of cloud-native technology, Kubernetes has emerged as a paramount orchestrator for containerized applications. While it unarguably furnishes companies with enhanced scalability and agility, the complexity of its environment has sown seeds for potential security vulnerabilities that may expose your applications and data to threats. Navigating the web of Kubernetes security demands a nuanced understanding and a meticulous eye for detail. That’s where our expert team comes into play.

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Why you might need a Kubernetes Security Audit

Is your RBAC configured to uphold the principle of least privilege? Have your container images been scanned for vulnerabilities? Are your network policies defined and enforced to shield your cluster from unwanted traffic? How are your secrets being managed and protected within the cluster? With a surge in cyber threats, particularly in the cloud-native space, these questions and more become crucial to comprehensively securing your Kubernetes environment.

A Kubernetes Security Audit is not merely a check of your current configurations but a strategic evaluation ensuring that every facet of your environment is tuned to resist, respond, and recover from security incidents.

How the process of a Kubernetes Security Audit looks like

Embarking on our collaborative journey, our In-Depth Kubernetes Security Audit and Assessment peel back the layers of your cluster, scrutinizing every detail — from API permissions, network policies, image securities to runtime environments. We dive deep into each aspect, with a prime focus on ensuring that the configurations and applications are adhering to the best security practices.

  • We will begin by conducting a series of interviews with your team — infrastructure engineers, developers, security analysts, and product owners. Our aim is not only to gather information about your current setup but also to grasp your applications’ intrinsic functionalities and dependencies. True security in a cloud-native environment is achieved when applications are inherently developed and deployed with security as a cornerstone.
  • Moreover, our hands-on analysis will necessitate sufficient access to your Kubernetes clusters and, if pertinent, related cloud accounts (e.g., AWS, GCP). Rest assured, our approach prioritizes your operational integrity, ensuring a non-disruptive, thorough examination of your environment.
  • In culmination, we don’t just furnish you with a detailed report of our findings but also provide actionable insights and recommendations, curated to your specific environment and use-cases. We will equip your backlog with tangible user stories, ensuring that the path forward is not just secure but also aligned with your strategic objectives.
  • Together, let’s weave a shield of unparalleled security around your Kubernetes environment, safeguarding your applications, data, and ultimately, your business against the unforeseen storms of the cyber world.

Here’s a list of certifications we can help to achieve:

  • ISO27000
  • GDPR
  • SOC2
  • SOC1
  • SOC3
  • DiGa

Customer Feedback

«Partnership with mkdev was robust and efficient. Our needs were to improve existing infrastructure and help build a DevOps knowledge basis for the team. The proposal of mkdev fitted our needs perfectly. During working together, we got valuable recommendations for improving our infrastructure in such aspects as Pricing Effectiveness, Security, Monitoring, and Fails Resistance. Execution and communication levels were above expectations.»

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In-Depth Kubernetes Security Audit & Assessment will be performed by certified professionals with years of experience in the biggest companies in the world. Architects, DevOps, and developers with the experience and knowledge that your company needs.

David Spautz

David Spautz

Passionate Kubernetes Security Engineer and Solution Architect with in-depth understanding of IT infrastructures and networks not only in AWS cloud infrastructures, but also in highly secure air-gapped environments. Lives the mindset of blue-teams and always keeps an eye on emerging security vulnerabilities based on APTs. Observability in all its facets deep into systems is common practice for him.

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