Kirill Zonov

I work in IT sphere for about 10 years. I had been a Linux system administrator, software developer, team leader, CTO. Now I am a Senior Software Engineer in a great German company. I strongly believe that good software developer should first be a good person and you should develop in yourself not only tech skills but also proper thinking and proper attitude to work. I can teach you all of these. How to write clean readable code, how to be dependable for your company and how to be successful in your professional life.
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Price per week: €140.00
Time zone: GMT +1

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Core skills

  • gems
  • aws
  • backend
  • mongodb
  • ml
  • postgresql
  • postgres
  • swift
  • mysql
  • js
  • nginx
  • docker
  • ruby on rails
  • rspec
  • rails
  • ruby
  • oop
  • python
  • javascript
  • node.js
  • git
  • web-development


  • Web-applications on Ruby on Rails

    Worked with plenty of projects, from MVPs to huge web-services with dozens of microservices and distributes DBs. Can help you move forward towards such a beautiful life.

  • Programming Ruby

    I used to work with Rails, pure Ruby, Grape, even Hanami. I saw great and awful architecture, tons of legacy code and well-used patterns. Can help you to not become spagetti-code writer.


I started my career as a system administrator. In one point I started to work in software development company as an admin and then started to use Bash, Ruby and etc. A while later I realized that for me programming is much more interesting than just utilizing already created tools and switched my role to Junior Software Developer. After one year of work, I felt that I need more adventures and tried myself as a freelancer. Everything worked great so I started thinking about creating software development company. Voila! That's how Racoons Group had been created. In that company, I was a lead tech person, mentored juniors, made project estimations, participated in architecture planning etc. In 2016 life turned differently and company had been closed. Since that time I work in Germany as a Senior Software Engineer, focused mostly on backend and databases side.

I have a blog I write it not regularly, but honestly, I try :) My forte is to learn quickly. During hackathons and pet projects I tried to work with a bunch of technologies: Python, Elixir, Swift, React Native, Clojure. But every day and the most beloved is still Ruby (and sometimes JS)