«Self-education for web developers»

Once, when I was studying at school, I decided that I want to develop web applications. When I started on that path, I was unaware of the whole new chaotic world waiting for me. This world offered me an endless array of technologies, each of which seemed like an island in itself that was interrelated with other islands in a weird way.

Self-education for web developer

I spent months picking up pieces of the information about front-end and back-end, on how the data from a database gets into a website, and how the website itself gets into the Internet; why you can’t use HTML only, and why Ruby is a good choice, and PHP is a bad one.

I was desperate for a guidebook that would explain in simple terms where to start and which way to go, which technologies and terms I should study first, and which of them I might use later.

And now, with over 6 years of experience of working with numerous companies, including online language learning market leader and top mobile ads company and knowing from my own experience how difficult the entry-level job market is, I feel it would be very unfair of me not to share my ideas on how to eventually become a web developer.

That’s how the book called “Self-education for web developers” was created. This is a guide that will help everyone who choses the same path as me not to lose their enthusiasm and follow the right directions.

What's inside?

We will go all the way from choosing a code editor to creating a complete web application living on the server. You will learn everything you need to know, why and in which order.

  • 18 chapters and each of them is dedicated to an essential topic that is an absolute must-learn for any web developer.
  • 61 resource including some of the best online quests, articles, books, interactive manuals that will help you to master the technology in the shortest time.
  • 1 step-by-step plan that will help you to develop your first web application and find your first job in web development.
  • 3 bonus chapters that will give you further guidelines in your self-training.
  • Regular updates! The guide-book gets even better with time!

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«Awesome book! That's exactly what I'd like to have when I started my studies. Short and at same time it covers all the important areas of web apps development. Also, lots of really useful links to the relevant study material. I envy people who will read this book on time.»

Dmitry Sharikov, @unity_359

«I am trying to learn web development for many years. Wihout required education (and I've studied liberal arts), without mentors. What I have in the end? Roughly speaking, nothing. The reason is that there are a way too many tools to solve same problem. For example, lets start with python. Without properly learning it, switch to ruby. Then there is an understand that it would have been better to learn some front-end first... etc etc.

And in the book there is a concrete path: from where to start and what you should avoid. It's good when there is someone who already climed the mountain which you are only beginning to climb and when this someone can show you the right direction and the next step to make. That's way I think the book in general is well written, it's useful and it will find it's reader.»

Irina Shefer aka redVi, www.unix-lab.org

«The book is really cool, for now I just quickly read it through but I think I will learn a lot from resources inside. And I finally understood why programmers need to write tests.»

Denis Lukyanov, kakawka05@gmail.com

«I've read the book in one breath. It would have become the perfect guide for the juniors to quickly begin with developing applications on Ruby on Rails and learn which technology is the best to use. The author correctly notes that you do not need to endlessly learn rails, you must start creating your projects with it.»

Saifutdinov Almaz, full review in russian

«The book is a great starting point if you want to start with web development with Ruby on Rails. All technologies that newbies need to know are well covered. The book allows not to get lost if the ocean of information that is required for effecient learning.»

Yuri Solyanik, http://j-son.ru

«Great ) Exactly what beginners need and valid advices ) the book is wonderful, thanks )»

Vladimir Kolosov, https://github.com/magic2k

«The book is what you would call a "roadmap". Incredibly useful for a beginner, who just makes first steps in web development. It explains step by step which topics should be learned and why they deserve your attention. I doubt an experienced developer will find anything useful in this book, but why not to spend some time reading these ~60 pages? If you will find something useful in it, then author exceeded his goal, because the main goal – to give a direction to a newbie – is done with 100% quality.»

Eugene, frey.su

Ready to start your self-education?

About the author

I'm Kirill Shirinkin: DevOps and Big Data Consultant, Cloud Expert, Software Developer, occasional writer, mentor and founder of mkdev.me.

I architect and build software systems. I also write about and teach people how they can do it too.

You can read more about me on my profile page or on my website.