Kirill Shirinkin

DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud, Kubernetes and OpenShift Expert, Platform Builder, Writer, Software Developer.
Time zone: GMT +1


Kirill can teach and support with the following:

  • Virtualization and containerisation: KVM, Docker, OCI, Kubernetes, Openshift
  • Development of Ruby on Rails applications of any complexity
  • DevOps practices and DevOps culture
  • Implementation, usage and integration of configuration management systems: Puppet, Chef, Ansible
  • Usage of DevOps tools: Tekton, ArgoCD, Jenkins, Gitlab, monitoring, alerting etc.
  • Usage, implementation and integration of cloud platforms: AWS, Google Cloud, Openstack
  • Development of backend services and CLI applications in Go, Python and Ruby
  • System administration of Linux
  • How to build a career in IT: how to learn anything, fast and start making money with it

Work experience

Recently, among other things, Kirill accomplished things as:

  • Built and matured Kubernetes- and OpenShift-based internal platforms for some of the largest companies in Germany;
  • Infrastructure automation, integration of cloud technologies (Google Cloud, Openstack) and moder DevOps tools (Puppet, Ansible, Terraform) in one of the largest IT Provider for the global travel and tourism industry Amadeus IT Group;
  • Wrote a book about Terraform for Packt publisher;
  • Support, extension and automation of infrastructure of, european leader in online language learning with more than 24 mln users;
  • Technical leadership development over Optimizeplayer;
  • Launching and development of, including creation of Ruby on Rails courses and overlooking all parts of the product;
  • Development of tools for cloud infrastructure testing for one of the leaders in mobile ads business Fyber;
  • Numerous open source contributions, including such projects as Kubernetes, Chef, Terraform and many other.

You can read more about Kirill on his LinkedIn profile, including numerous recommendations from clients.

Core skills

  • ruby
  • chef
  • ansible
  • puppet
  • terraform
  • aws
  • docker
  • go
  • ci
  • cd
  • jenkins
  • kubernetes
  • linux
  • devops
  • infrastructure
  • git
  • bash
  • python
  • rundeck
  • openshift
  • containers
  • cloud
  • automation
  • podman
  • cloudnative
  • serverless


  • Containers in Production

    I worked with Kubernetes from early versions and have built complete PaaS solutions based on containers. I can teach you anything related to containers - from dev to prod.

  • Public Cloud

    I'll show you how to automate AWS environments of hundreds instances in size and teach how to use and combine its services to a scalable and resilient infrastructure.

  • Programming in Ruby

    I'm writing Ruby code for more than 7 years: web-applications on Rails, gems, scripts, Chef cookbooks and Puppet modules and many other things. And I can teach you all of these.

  • Configuration Management Systems

    I'll teach you to automate any number of servers with Chef, Puppet and Ansible, as well as extend and optimize these and other related tools.