Tips for passing Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Certification

Illustration of a person studying for a Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam surrounded by study notes and diagrams. Illustration of a person studying for a Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam surrounded by study notes and diagrams.

Today I am going to give you some tips to prepare for the GCP Professional Cloud Architect certification, but if you are wanting to know the answer to the questions this is not the place. Let´s start!

I have more than 20 certifications and I can tell you that when you are preparing for a certification you have 2 options. Study and maybe approve the certification or cheat and approve.

If you decide to take the certification only because you think that this line in your curriculum is going to be the solution to all your professional issues, then the best option is that you use a page like ExamTopics or Study4Exam. In these places, you will find people like you that added the questions, or something similar and the solution that these people think is correct. The problem here is that you are only going to end up learning the answer and not considering the solution in the environment. You need to understand that if you have the GCP Professional Cloud Architect certification and you go to an interview the person that is making questions is waiting for a real GCP Professional Cloud Architect certificated, not for a fake one.

In case you decide to study the certification you can use those pages for training and to understand how it's going to be the questions because every certification is different. This is a 2 hours exam with 50 questions and the problem is that every question has a different value and that you need to get valid answers in every section, but you are not going to have this information ever. You have no idea how many questions do you need to answer. You made the test, you get the result and after some days you receive the confirmation from Google.

When you book your certification there are a big number of rules to follow and one of those rules is that there will be a person all the time (or at least this is what seems to be) watching you during your exam with your computer camera. Before the text, this person will request you to show your id and all the room where you are doing the test. So remember to be alone and don’t hide a person under the table, because even you need to show this part of the house.

Now let´s focus on the exam. The idea of this certification is to help an architect to be able to execute one of the next 3 exercises.

  • Create a new infrastructure from scratch

  • Migrate an infrastructure from an on-premise environment or another cloud to GCP

  • Improve a current infrastructure that could be in the cloud or a hybrid scenario

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Let’s go to the tips:

  • Always there are several correct options for every design but we need to try to find the best solution and this could be:
    • a self-managed infrastructure like GKE against a Kubernetes cluster in a 3 computes engine machine or a MySQL database in Cloud SQL rather than a Mariadb database on 2 Compute engines.
    • The cheapest option for the customer. We can design a multi-region infrastructure for our customer but at least he has a strong DR requirement or a heavy latency issue like a multi-country online game there are no reasons for those sophisticated and expensive designs.
    • Best performance: Remember that in most cases a CTO is looking for a cheap and fast solution. So if you have an option that gives to you a cheap solution but the latency is increased if we are talking about an online game latency is going to be the winner or nobody is going to have a good experience with the game and you will lose your customers.
  • Remember that this is a Google Cloud certification, so try to go to most Google solutions unless this option is not giving any benefit to the customer. Remember that the policy in the exam is not to sell Google services, the idea is to give the best option to the customer.
  • There are plenty of products in GCP and you need to understand the best moment to use every one of those. My recommendation is to learn of those that can be used in the Data Analitycs side like Bigquery, Dataflow, Dataproc. Cloudspanner, Firestore, ClousSQL, and much more, because most of the questions are related to this subject.
  • There are 4 case studies. Those are important but are not a key to approving the test. In the end, those are only 4 scenarios where you need to apply the same fundaments that we already learn.

If you are an experienced Google Cloud architect this certification will be easy if you already have experience with all the important resources but if you only have work with 2 or 3 things this is going to be hard. Take the exam from the Google page, study, practice, check the questions in pages like ExamTopics or Study4Exam, and good luck!

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