Для разработки веб-приложений на Java часто используется фреймворк Spring, но в последнее время становятся популярны и другие решения. В своей новой статье Ринат Мухамедгалиев рассказывает про набирающий популярность фреймворк Helidon. Мы будем использовать его модификацию Helidon SE и для примера напишем простенькое приложение.

Illustration of SpongeBob SquarePants emerging from a laptop screen, wearing a tie, with his arms raised in a welcoming gesture and a mug beside the laptop.

Part 2 of Paul Larsen's series dives into the mechanics of relational and vector databases for AI. Discover how combining these tools enhances data retrieval, linking theory to practical solutions for business applications.

Aprenderás como las empresas usan los contenedores, Docker, docker-compose, Docker Swarm, Podam, Buildah, firecracker...

Pablo talks about the Euro Cup and how technologies change the sport we've been watching for years. Also inside:
• How to stream LLM responses using AWS API Gateway Websocket and Lambda.
• Terragrunt for Multi-Region/Multi-Account Deployments.
• Things you wish you didn't need to know about S3.
• I Will Fucking Piledrive You If You Mention AI Again.

DevOps Accents, episode 40

Let’s talk about cloud gaming possibilities of today and remember Google Stadia. Our guest this time is David Wynn, Principal Solution Architect from Edge Delta. Join him, Leo and Pablo for a discussion of the problems cloud gaming faces now and the possible future for this experience.