Для разработки веб-приложений на Java часто используется фреймворк Spring, но в последнее время становятся популярны и другие решения. В своей новой статье Ринат Мухамедгалиев рассказывает про набирающий популярность фреймворк Helidon. Мы будем использовать его модификацию Helidon SE и для примера напишем простенькое приложение.

Illustration of SpongeBob SquarePants emerging from a laptop screen, wearing a tie, with his arms raised in a welcoming gesture and a mug beside the laptop.

Quick introduction to Helm in 5 steps. You will go from zero to a fully functioning Helm Chart.

Google has tried again to introduce Anthos in a new product, GKE Enterprise. And could it be that it was again a failure? Or maybe this time they were be able to get something right?

Kirill talks about the consequences of the Redis Case and looks for the positives of this situation. Also inside:
• Conditional Love for AWS Metadata Enumeration.
• Understanding Data Lineage in Big Data: Challenges, Solutions, and Its Impact on Data Quality.
• The programming languages I learned in my Quantum Computing job.
• Inside the gamedays: how we tested Signals for reliability.
• Two open source projects with great documentation.

DevOps Accents, episode 34

What is the place of DevOps and Cloud in Health Tech, and what is the future of the Health Tech itself? What are the biggest challenges it faces and what could be the solutions? Sergiej Soft, Head of Tech at Caspar Health is here with us today to discuss the many perturbations of healthcare digitalization.