"AWS Load Balancer Controller 101" Webinar

This webinar is a practice-oriented explanation of how AWS Load Balancer Controller for Kubernetes works and why you should use it.



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What's happening?

A 45 minutes practice-oriented webinar, during which an mkdev expert will explain and show how this technology works, from the high level down to the lowest details.

What will we discuss?

  • Why do you need an Ingress Controller at all
  • Why Nginx Ingress Controller might not be a good choice for EKS
  • How AWS Load Balancer controller works and integrates with multiple AWS services and with VPC CNI
  • What happens if AWS LB Controller is down

Who's talking?

Kirill Shirinkin is a DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud, Kubernetes and OpenShift Expert, Platform Builder, Writer, Software Developer.

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Why do I need this?

As soon as you have customer-facing applications in Kubernetes, you need to expose them to the outside world. The standard way to do it is with an Ingress.

In this webinar, you will learn why AWS Load Balancer Controller is often the best choice for AWS EKS clusters, how does it compare with Nginx Ingress Controller. Most importantly, you will see how AWS LB Controller works from the inside, how does it integrate with the VPC and what happens if it’s down.

How to attend

We conduct this webinar on a regular basis.


Every 2 weeks, check the schedule while registering above


45 minutes webinar with instructor


This webinar is designed for developers and cluster operators who need to expose Kubernetes services on AWS

Level and Prior Knowledge

At least the basic understanding of Kubernetes and AWS

Technical Requirments

Stable Internet connection