Argo CD: Everything You Need to Know

Argo CD is a declarative GitOps deployment tool for Kubernetes. We are here to help you understand how to use it.

On this page you will find articles and videos that will explain what Argo CD is, how to decide if you need to use it at all, and teach you all the main things you have to know about it. Check them out if your company needs help with Argo CD, or just contact our consulting team to get started.

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Why and when do you need Argo CD?

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There are two main criteria you need to check before you rush to learn this tool: a. Whether you use Kubernetes and how much you use it, and b. How your current CI/CD is done. Check out this article by Kirill Shirinkin to understand how to assess it correctly.

Argo CD Lightning Course

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Lightning Course is a series of quick video lectures to get you started with a technology. In half an hour you will learn all the basics of Argo CD. Our Argo CD Lightning Course is completely free. Here it is on YouTube. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the latest DevOps and Cloud news and tutorials.

Argo CD Lightning Course is divided into a series of chunk-sized pieces of 4-5 minutes. For example, here's the introduction:

The full playlist of the Lightning Course videos is available on our YouTube channel, but if you are not a video person, you can also read it as a series of articles. Here they are:

We also have a lot of other Kubernetes-related articles. You can check them out in their designated section.

Audit and Consulting

If you're not interested in learning Argo CD yourself, mkdev consulting and audit might be the thing you're looking for.

Our true passion and daily job is helping our clients hands-on. We will become a part of your team to help you with Kubernetes, Argo CD and anything else you might need.

Check out Kubernetes Consulting and Kubernetes Audit & Assessment pages for more details, or contact us directly to find a personalized solution that's right for you.

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