Infrastructure as Code & GitOps

Many years ago, all we had was hardware. It slowly changed, from the first virtual machines to the domination of the public cloud. Infrastructure became the software, servers got replaced with serverless and API-driven services for compute, databases, functions, messaging systems and hundreds of more.

Any good software needs to be version controlled. It needs to be simple, concise, easy to understand and change, yet powerful enough to bring the most value. It needs to be tested and it needs to be automatically deployed. Infrastructure code is not different at all.

We are obsessed with the good software and with deep automation. Our experts were some of the first humans to use Terraform in production. For over a decade, the only way we do infrastructure is by doing infrastructure as code, because this is the way. Let us show you the way.

This is how we do it:

Check out these videos, articles and podcasts from our experts to experience our competence first-hand!

  • Terraform
  • CloudFormation
  • ConfigConnector
  • IaC
  • GitOps
  • ArgoCD
  • Pulumi


Companies who are on the cloud native journey, but didn't fully or properly embrace Infrastructure as Code




English, Spanish, German


Stoyan Zhekov

Stoyan Zhekov

I am a Certified Oracle and AWS Software Engineer with strong Java SE/EE skills and DevOps mindset.

David Spautz

David Spautz

Passionate Kubernetes Security Engineer and Solution Architect with in-depth understanding of IT infrastructures and networks not only in AWS cloud infrastructures, but also in highly secure air-gapped environments. Lives the mindset of blue-teams and always keeps an eye on emerging security vulnerabilities based on APTs. Observability in all its facets deep into systems is common practice for him.

Pablo Inigo Sanchez

Pablo Inigo Sanchez

Principal DevOps/Linux engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Experience with Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, OpenShift, Jenkins, TeamCity, Linux Systems Administration

Kirill Shirinkin

Kirill Shirinkin

DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud Expert, Software Developer, author of three books, mentor and founder of I architect and build software systems. Living in Germany

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As there are no identical teams, projects and problems, so there are no identical solutions for all occasions.

We will find an approach that resolves your problem in a way that suits you best, and we will develop an ideal solution, given the needs of your business, your team and your product.

There is no unified solution, but in all cases, large and small, we will:

  • get acquainted with your team, company and projects that you develop;
  • carefully study the problem with which you encountered;
  • prepare for you a solution and justify the need for certain actions, including in terms of costs.


We develop solutions to various difficulties and scales, big and small. To achieve the best results, we apply an hourly rate for consultations. However, if we understand that to solve the problem a couple of hours is not enough, we will offer you a unique solution, carefully considering the needs of your business.