Majestic Pipeline

Some would say, DevOps started with the pipeline. Or, to be precise, with Continious Integration. The idea that each commit in your code is automatically tested is wonderful, but is not enough. You need to go further and build the Majestic Pipeline.

What it means is that your code is built, tested and deployed, automatically, to production, for every application and for every infrastructure. This pipeline is fast and reliable, composable of reusable steps. This pipeline is capable of creating a whole new environment for each of your Pull Requests and tear this environment down once it’s merged. This pipeline even tells you if your code is secure or not.

A pipeline is at the center of every company and we know that it is one of the most important pieces in a business. Because the pipeline is not about the tooling, and it’s not about the technology. It’s about how fast your organization moves, how quickly you can iterate, and how often you can ship the code. It’s about changing the way you work, to achieve a higher pace, without losing stability.

Starting from the organizational and cultural challenges, and moving on to implement the technical side of it, we are here to create your Majestic Pipeline.

This is how we do it:

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  • Jenkins
  • GitHub Actions
  • GitlabCI
  • Tekton
  • Harness
  • CircleCI
  • TeamCity
  • CI
  • CD


Every company that did not yet achieve Continuous Deployment




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Pankaj Motwani

Pankaj Motwani

A Lead SRE Engineer and Cloud Consultant / Architect with 12 years of strong technical experience in AWS, Kubernetes, VMware, security and automation.

Pablo Inigo Sanchez

Pablo Inigo Sanchez

Principal DevOps/Linux engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Experience with Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, OpenShift, Jenkins, TeamCity, Linux Systems Administration

Kirill Shirinkin

Kirill Shirinkin

DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud Expert, Software Developer, author of three books, mentor and founder of I architect and build software systems. Living in Germany

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