Are you introducing a new technology or system to your company – be it public cloud, containers, or something else? It is worth bringing every involved employee up to speed. mkdev workshops are perfect for that. Depending on the topic, in 1 to 3 days we will teach you the new technology or idea.

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How are mkdev workshops different?

We work hard to build the best learning material, with crystal clear explanations and practical exercises. We also assess each workshop participant in advance, to tailor the workshop so that it's most effective for everyone.

  • We teach what we practice.

    Each workshop we make is based on our real-life experience working with our clients. We will never simply re-package documentation.

  • Our workshop is a product

    Each time we conduct a workshop, we take in all the feedback and incorporate it. Our content is always up to date, our explanations are tuned to make them stick.

How it works

Before you jump right into learning new things, we send each participant an assessment test. Based on this test, we adjust the particular workshop to suit each one of the participants well. And if we feel that it's too early for you to take part in the workshop, we will tell you that too. In general, the whole process looks like this:

  • You book the selected workshop from the existing ones, or you order a private workshop tailored specifically to your needs
  • We count the number of participants, collect information about their experience and knowledge, and calculate the cost of the workshop
  • Then we provide a thorough participant assessment and adjust the workshop accordingly
  • When the date comes we send you a link to the workshop and all the needed instructions

Most of our workshops consist of two parts: the theoretical part, which the participants study on their own using the materials sent by us, and the practical part, which they go through together with the instructor for 1-3 days using screencast technologies.

You also can book a private live on-site workshop. In this case our instructor will come over to your place and interact with participants directly.

You are in good hands

Pablo Inigo Sanchez

Pablo Inigo Sanchez

Principal DevOps/Linux engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Experience with Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, OpenShift, Jenkins, TeamCity, Linux Systems Administration

Kirill Shirinkin

Kirill Shirinkin

DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud Expert, Software Developer, author of three books, mentor and founder of I architect and build software systems. Living in Germany

We organize most of the workshops ourselves, based on our personal experience and the experience of our clients. That is why our our expertise is trusted by our partners.

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We will contact you within 24 working hours to discuss dates of the workshop and gather information on your attendess for further assessment.