AI Is Conquering All | ✉️ #31

Promotional graphic for "MKDEV DISPATCH #31" featuring an illustration of a contemplative man with the headline "AI IS CONQUERING ALL" and abstract geometric background. Promotional graphic for "MKDEV DISPATCH #31" featuring an illustration of a contemplative man with the headline "AI IS CONQUERING ALL" and abstract geometric background.

Hey! 👋

I am old enough to remember when the internet appeared, at least in Spain. I recall the early '90s when everyone was fascinated with this new technology that was connected to our land lines. Those beeps open to us a fantastic new world.

This technology changed everything; suddenly, everything needed to be on the web. In 1998, I co-created, a webpage listing all the bars and discos in my hometown, Salamanca, even before Years later, I founded trawen, an online store selling clothes from well-known brands and designers at outlet prices, even before the first outlet stores appeared in Spain.

Everyone was launching new companies and websites. We all remember Lycos, Altavista,, Geocities,, and, and how most of them collapsed after the 2000 crisis. The reason was simple: the market was oversaturated.

Today, we're riding a new wave, and it's even larger than the one from over 20 years ago. Now, everything is, or should be, related to AI. If your SaaS doesn't incorporate AI, competitors will snatch up your customers. It's commonly believed that coffee purchased through an AI-powered app tastes better than one from an app without AI.

Companies recognize the need to implement AI, but many don't know how to use it effectively due to a lack of experience. However, language models aren't new. BERT was released in 2018, followed by GPT-2 in 2019, and GPT-3 in 2020.

So, why is it that after at least five years of this technology (noting that BERT is considered an LM, not an LLM), there aren't enough skilled people or companies offering these services? Perhaps the arrival of GPT-3.5 was such a game-changer that the market wasn't prepared for its impact. Maybe we were expecting a small spark, not a full-blown revolution.

For this reason, mkdev is excited to offer our AI expertise to support companies at every stage of the generative AI project lifecycle. Whether it's defining a use case, selecting the appropriate model, customizing it, or integrating it into existing applications, we're here to assist. No matter where you are in your project's journey, we can provide the help you need.

What We've Shared

On our YouTube channel Pablo talks about connecting your Cloud Run to VPC without the use of VPC Serverless, while our design team conquers the second spot with a short film about our style, creative process and the new store.

Meanwhile on the website, one last hurrah from Terraform Lightning Course with the second part of additional little tips:

What We've Discovered

  • Creating a developer portal for Cloud Run with sidecar containers and Apigee: Now we can add sidecars in cloud run and we are changing the rules in the game because now kubernetes is not needed anymore. In this article we will learn how to deploy a complete portal with cloud run.

  • What is a cell-based architecture? AWS's guide on cell-based architecture. It goes deep into explaining all the components involved and how to build such an architecture. You might want to start with just the firstirst 3–4 chapters, and get back to it while you have a real project to implement this.

  • Logging operator: An operator that aims to standardize logging configuration for Kubernetes clusters, supporting multiple outputs and input methods.

  • We tried that, didn’t work: A very good point on how if something didn’t work for one project, it might become a community view that this approach is generally not valid. In reality, it’s still valid and can work just great. Don’t listen solely to experiences of other people, which might have happened in totally different times and circumstances.

  • k'exp - Kubernetes Explorer: A new open source tool that allows you to easily navigate Kubernetes resources in a visual way.

A happy announcement

The mkdev store is now open! Check out all the swag, or browse by categories: our main line, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam collections. T-shirts, hoodies and even dog bandanas and more are available. The store delivers almost worldwide, treat yourself with cozy mkdev merch. If you want a t-shirt with some specific artwork of ours, that's not in the store yet, drop us a line, we'll see what we can do ;)

The 32nd mkdev dispatch will arrive on Friday, November 24th. See you next time!