re:Invent 2022 | ✉️ #7

Illustration for MKDEV Dispatch #7 featuring a smiling man holding a cat, with text "RE:INVENT 2022" and paper airplanes on an orange and purple background. Illustration for MKDEV Dispatch #7 featuring a smiling man holding a cat, with text "RE:INVENT 2022" and paper airplanes on an orange and purple background.

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re:Invent 2022, the biggest AWS event of the year, is over. Frankly speaking, I did not get to watching the keynotes yet. My primary interest are the new service and feature announcements. AWS releases something new almost every single day, but re:Invent is the day when some of the biggest announcements are expected. After reading blog posts and going through the list of all the new things from the event, these are the releases that I find many AWS customers will benefit from:

  • AWS CloudWatch finally has a cross-account support. The key word here is “finally”, because it always felt like something that should have been there since ages. You can now collect all your metrics, logs and traces into a dedicated account, instead of constantly switching between multiple accounts

  • AWS RDS gets blue-green deployments. With a click, you can provision a blue/green cluster, verify some upgrades there, and easily switch to this new cluster from the old one. I remember when RDS was announced in 2013, it was just a more expensive, but primarily unhelpful way to run a database. Today, it sometimes feels like magic.

  • AWS Application Composer. The way to manage the infrastructure is code. But for beginners, for simple cases and for learning, this new visual tool should be great.

  • Lambda SnapStart. There are many things not clear about this one, but it seems like it can get rid of the cold starts entirely, only for Java functions for now.

  • EventBridge Pipes. AWS today has many different ways to get data into a stream, process this stream and send it further. Often, it requires connecting many services together with some custom automations. EventBridge Pipes aims at making this simpler, and simpler is always appreciated when it comes to AWS.

Of course, there were many more announcements. Most of them are rather extensions of existing services, and most of them could probably be announced any other day than re:Invent. There are some new services too: Omics, SimSpace Weaver, SupplyChain, all of them sound great, but also extremely niche, not unlike AWS Ground Station, the service to control satellites from AWS (released few years back). Would be great to try those out in a real, production environments. Some others, like VPC Lattice, I am still trying to wrap my head around.

Some of the things I hoped for did not happen. AWS EKS Fargate is still without Spot support. AWS AppRunner is still not available in Frankfurt. And RDS UI dashboards are still broken.

In general, I am glad that this year, AWS did not drown us in dozens of new services and big announcements. People are still catching up with everything released in the last 3-4 years, and re-focusing a bit on maturity of existing tools and improving them instead is a good step.

Did you keep an eye on this re:Invent? What were the things you found most fascinating, and what new services or features are you looking forward to trying out yourself?

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