Technology Trends | ✉️ #9

Graphic illustration for MKDEV Dispatch issue #9 featuring a person gesturing with their hands, a paper airplane icon, and text saying "TECHNOLOGY TRENDS". Graphic illustration for MKDEV Dispatch issue #9 featuring a person gesturing with their hands, a paper airplane icon, and text saying "TECHNOLOGY TRENDS".

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For the first time this year I have had the privilege of writing, and nothing I want to write about more than predictions for the year ahead. Of course, making predictions is often a pointless exercise, but for some reason I think we will be hearing a lot about AI this year. And naturally, as a creative person, I am concerned about this topic. First and foremost because, to some extent, it will determine the future of my profession. And although it is still a long way to the point where AI will be able to fully help me produce concrete and specific results (for example, creating a template for Power Point presentations based on particular corporate style that I have created), it is already having an impact on our work today. So far, however, only in matters of copyright and theft of other author’s content. And my prediction is that we will be hearing a lot about it this year.

In some areas this poses a real problem. And what's interesting is that technologies that can identify stolen audio content by fragments are plentiful. And there is a well-developed legal framework, both in the legal codes of many countries and in the rules of the streaming platforms. But there are no technologies that can identify the authorship of images and send out strikes to publishers, channels and sites that steal other author's images. They don't even exist to prevent outright theft. I know of sad cases where an artist creates a character and launches a web comic series, but soon another author appears who steals that character (right down to the details and plots), launches his own web comic series and successfully monetizes it. And social media platforms can’t do anything about it. Today this problem has become even more widespread, as it has become even easier to steal and monetize other people's content thanks to AI.

But I am sure that will change in 2023. In response to the problems and challenges that have arisen, systems will emerge that (thanks to the same neural networks) will learn to recognize authorship of illustrations, text and ideas, and the debate about where the line between inspiration, citation and plagiarism is drawn will take on a broader scope. Quote me.

Of course, it is possible to make predictions for this year in more fields and areas. But that is a job for others. Surely you have your own ideas about which technologies will be the headliners of 2023? Email me about that!

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