The Euro Cup Is Here | ✉️ #47

Illustration for MKDEV Dispatch #47 featuring a stylized portrait of a man with glasses and curly hair, with text "THE EURO CUP IS HERE" and decorative elements. Illustration for MKDEV Dispatch #47 featuring a stylized portrait of a man with glasses and curly hair, with text "THE EURO CUP IS HERE" and decorative elements.

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The Euro Cup has started, a month filled with soccer that appeals to enthusiasts of all kinds. Among the big favorites are powerhouse teams such as Germany, France, England, Portugal, and, if fortune favors me, Spain. For the next few weeks, soccer will take center stage on our screens, bringing days filled with happiness and others tinged with frustration, but always with emotions.

Traditionally, soccer involves 22 players chasing a ball across the field, but in the year 2024, the game is set to undergo significant changes. Beyond the eyes of cameras installed at every corner of the field and the precision with which offsides are now detected, we have the introduction of Fussballliebe. This ball is no ordinary piece of sports equipment; equipped with an array of sensors, it can detect the slightest contact, revolutionizing how the game is monitored and officiated.

What practical applications does this technology offer? For instance, it could be used to disallow a goal scored by Lukaku if a preceding play involved minimal but illegal hand contact, detectable only by this advanced sensor technology.

In the modern era, the world of sports has evolved to integrate sophisticated technology not just in the equipment used, like soccer balls, but across all aspects of athletic performance. We now have the capability to measure speed and emotional intensity in sports such as mountaineering, with athletes commonly equipped with advanced wearable tech like smartwatches. The Formula 1 races, too, have transformed into a high-tech spectacle, where countless metrics and data analysis are crucial for competitive success.

Many might recall a time when, in the absence of instant access to reliable data, debates about player positions and game plays were resolved by defaulting to the most persuasive argument until proven otherwise. However, with the advent of search engines like Google, factual information is now at our fingertips, changing how discussions unfold. Yet, this technological progression means that soccer is gradually losing the raw, unpredictable nature that once defined it, including human errors and iconic moments such as the infamous "Hand of God." We are moving toward an era where the sport may become so error-free it risks losing some of the unpredictability and excitement that make it truly thrilling.

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On our Youtube channel Pablo talks about all the intriguing startups we've encountered during South Summit Madrid:

And on the website we have the article versions of two of Pablo's tutorials on Tekton: an introduction to Tekton and and automation with Tekton Triggers:

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