Our mentors

Here are all of mkdev mentors that you can hire and study programming with. Each mentor can help you with your current project, as well as with learning programming from scratch. To choose mentor with the specialization or technology you need use the search bar (for example, ruby) or open the page of chosen mentor to learn more about his or her specializations, skills and work experience.

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What is mentorship?

Mentor will answer any questions, from simples to trickiest ones and knows best what you should learn and do. Read more in our article «What is mentorship?»

«Experienced engineer, who had been working in outsourcing plenty of time, then launched an own startup and after that joined Toptal Core Team. I'll help you not only learn to code, but also find your place in IT.»

«DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud Expert, Software Developer, author of two books, mentor and founder of mkdev.me. I architect and build software systems. Living in Germany.»

«Lead Ruby developer by position, teacher by vocation. I'm building payment and support high stable and fault tolerant services for ages. Experienced developer with a wide range of technologies.»

«I'm an engineer. I like clean, effective and readable code. A good software developer should be pragmatic, not a fanatic. I can teach you not only how to write symbols, but also how to think in the proper way.»

«Your guide to the programming world and all this about-IT topics. Itself from scratch has grown to a serious developer, and is ready to help you accomplish the same thing. It will be difficult and interesting, I promise;»

«Я консультант по Big Data, Realtime обработка данных, облачным системам. Эти модные слова несут в себе простой смысл - работать должны роботы и решения принимать они же на основе текущей информации.»

«Ruby expert with ten years of experience, open source and open data enthusiast, author of several quite popular gems, mentor for Google Summer of Code. Currently, Victor is proud to work Toptal core team.»

«Expert in Python, OpenStack and wide range of what is named DevOps. 8+ years of professional IT experience working in a well-known companies. Currently a DevOps Consultant in Germany.»

«I'm Full-Stack Engineer. While learning you could face a number of challenges. I help you to grow and learn, finding the best and fastest solution for that. To keep healthy relationships is my primary goal.»