Article series

Graphs and Big data

Walk-through of modern technologies for working with graph and their usage in Big data area.

  1. Introduction to graphs and Neo4j. Graph processing in Spark.

Development of GrooveHQ Ruby Gem

In this series we will create a gem for working with API of GrooveHQ. This service doesn't have its own client API libraries. The final result is available on GitHub and rubygems and we hope that others developers, who rely on GrooveHQ, will use it as well. By the end of the series you will learn how to create gems from scratch and companies using GrooveHQ and ruby will be able to use this gem to solve their own problems.

  1. How to create a gem for working with an API
  2. Writing an API gem: choosing the structure and the tools
  3. Writing an API gem: how to write tests for an external API
  4. Writing an API gem: What is Hypermedia API and how to make friends with it
  5. Writing an API gem: the final metaprogramming

Developing an app with Dry-rb

Rostislav Katin writes a series of articles on what is Dry-rb, how to use it in your Ruby app and how can it be better then using Rails. First article explains the basic and after that it goes feature by feature.

  1. What is dry-rb and how it might help solve problems with a Rails app
  2. How to launch an app with dry-system
  3. How to use Command pattern with the help of Dry-transaction